10 Offline Marketing Tips That Really Work


There are various ways that businesses can market their work and upcoming events without having to use on-line tools such as social media platforms and emails. Offline marketing tools can prove invaluable in spreading awareness for companies in a variety of sectors, so here are some useful tips to help your company do just that:


  • Flyers with a difference


The traditional method of using flyering to promote your business is timeless, but nowadays there are a number of creative ideas when it comes to what can be used as a flyer. For example, a brand of tea may wish to print their contact details on individual teabag packets.


  • Hold a competition


One way to raise awareness about your brand is by offering the incentive of a prize. By offering one of your goods as the prize for a local competition, customers will be keen to engage in the work your company is doing, and by receiving one of your goods or a branded prize from your company at the end, this awareness of and loyalty to your brand will only be furthered.


  • Offer discounts


By targeting a certain demographic, your company can create discounts that will draw in the kind of customers your brand works best for. For example, a company selling energy drinks may offer a special discount to students or those on busy shift patterns such as nurses. This generosity is likely to be popular amongst these groups, creating brand loyalty and also spreading awareness about your brand through positive word of mouth.


  • Get involved in trade shows


Trade shows are a great place to raise awareness about your company, as you can set up a stall with your brand clearly displayed for the thousands of passing customers to see.


  • Get business cards printed


Business cards not only give your company a professional, slick outlook, but they are small and easy to keep in wallets or desk drawers, meaning that once customers have them they are likely to keep them. This way, if they ever need the good or service you provide, they are more likely to turn to your company than a competitor who may not have handed out business cards.


  • Create a newsletter


Creating a newsletter that arrives regularly through the post for your customers serves to increase brand loyalty as customers feel special with their exclusive receipt of the piece of literature. Using interesting content, attractive imagery and even monthly competitions create something that is an interesting and worthwhile read, ensuring it is not simply thrown away.


  • Print branded calendars


By having branded calendars printed, your company will have a place on the walls of your potential customers throughout the year, serving as a constant reminder to them of your company’s existence. Ensure the printing is of a high standard to provide a tasteful and attractive calendar which customers will be thrilled to use in their homes.


  • Provide sponsorship to local events or teams


Everybody likes the philanthropic group that step in to sponsor a well-loved local team or institution, so let that group be your company and make your name known amongst local residents. By affiliating yourself with the team in question you can have your logo or name printed on their T-Shirts or equipment in return, displaying your company for all to see.


  • Use your car as a billboard


To increase your company’s exposure in your local, target area, why not get the name or logo printed on your car or a billboard attached to it. Creating this mobile billboard will allow pedestrians and other drivers to be exposed to your company when they are out and about.


  • Give away free stuff


Nobody turns down the chance of receiving useful or tasty freebies, so what better way to improve your company’s public exposure than giving out promotional branded pens, umbrellas, mugs or even edibles to your potential customers.

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