8 Most Effective Promotional Items

You’ve set up your stall and you’ve got your best people engaging with the public. But how do you secure the lasting impression you’re seeking? The answer lies in making sure you’re giving away the most effective promotional items that will be kept and treasured long after the event, conference or meeting is over.

How to choose the best promotional products

Excellent product marketing ensures that your brand is remembered for weeks, months or years afterwards and is a surefire way to get your name out and about in public. With this in mind, think about what items are useful in everyday life – pens, mugs, notebooks, clothing etc. Whatever you choose, it must be truly representative of your brand.

The number one rule? Promotional materials should be useful and relevant.

What Are the Top 8 Promotional Items?



For quick jotting, almost everyone needs a pen handy. Light, transportable and highly usable, customised pens are an easy way to boost your brand awareness far and wide. These items are also suitable to be distributed in most types of situation such as client meetings, conferences, events and even working lunches.

recycled pens


If your company prides itself on its green credentials, what better way to convey your eco-conscious image than with eco-friendly promotional items? Eco-friendly giveaways can include recycled coasters, keyrings, mugs, notebooks and reusable canvas bags. Here at Midway Clothing, we can emblazon our broad recycled range with your company logo, brand colours and name.

recyclable bags


Following on from the previous point, reusable bags stand alone as an item ever-increasing in popularity, thanks to the new government legislation to charge 5p for plastic bags. Homeowners across the country are now bringing along a tough, reusable bag as a shopping trip essential and consequently, this new trend can be a great market to take advantage of. These convenient additions will likely draw conference-goers to your stand, as visitors will be seeking bags to collect other freebies throughout the day.

canvas bag


Who doesn’t love a coffee on the go? With the need for hydration drilled into us, everyone can benefit from a desk mug, travel mug, thermos flask, tumbler or cup. As highly useful, everyday items, promotional drinks freebies are guaranteed to get snapped up. This will promote your name in numerous locations from offices to public transport.

ocean ceramic mug


We’re now well and truly living in the electronic age and therefore tech-related products are sure to go down a treat. Research has revealed that USB sticks are the number one promotional item that people were most likely to keep for a long time – as revealed by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association). Other ideas could include phone covers, iPad covers and chargers.

USB stick


Despite the rise of computers, the use of paper is a trend that will never die. Notebooks, diaries, post-it notes and calendars are all still workplace essentials, and getting your branded desk accessories into offices across the country is a vital technique for brand exposure in the offices of potential clients and partners.

caledonian macbrayne ruler


Many people wear hats these days, whether it’s for sports, leisure or relaxing at the weekend. Producing your own branded headwear could therefore prove very popular at event giveaways. However, always make sure the headwear is appropriate for your industry – for example, a beanie might be perfect for a sports company but perhaps not for a banking firm.

  • Something Personal to Your Business


In addition to these staple promotional items, there’s no better way to promote your business than to offer items that express the character of your company. For example, if you run a golfing club then you could produce some branded tees and umbrellas. Or if your employees frequently attend conferences, then distributing some personalised delegate bags could be an ideal way to get your name out there.

Here at Midway Clothing, we specialise in custom promotional items and clothing that are designed and manufactured to reflect the character of your business. From brand colours to logos, we can cover every detail to convey your business in the way you want. To find out more about our outstanding range of products available to brand, please get in touch with our friendly team today.