8 Ways to Attract People to Your Exhibition Stand

In the hustle and bustle of a trade show, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Competition is fierce, but it’s important to not get overwhelmed by the flurry of activity around you. With a little know-how and preparation, your trade show display will have people engaged and interested in what your company has to say. Here are some easy tips and tricks on ways to attract people to your exhibition stand, and how to keep them there.

Promote your attendance beforehand:

Heralding your attendance at the trade show before the big day is the most essential way to attract people to your exhibition stand display. Get in touch with a relevant trade publication in your industry. Journalists might be interested in covering your attendance, especially if you have unique news or an upcoming product launch to talk about. Social media is also another important avenue to explore, so make sure you tweet, blog and Snapchat about the upcoming trade show. It’s also well worth informing your current clients of your attendance, perhaps sweetening the deal with a promise of a promotional item or giveaway.

Social Media - Exhibition stand

Unique giveaway items:

Freebies are guaranteed to attract people to your stall. Not only will they gift attendees with useful items, but they will also spread your company name into the wider world. Promotional products can include easy take-away items that are good for everyday use, such as pens, mugs, notebooks, and reusable bags. All promotional merchandise can be branded with your company logo and colours using the expert services of a dependable promotional company, such as Midway Clothing.

Create the right atmosphere:

Trade shows are dynamic places, full of activity. Whilst this makes for an absorbing day out, attendees might find themselves overwhelmed. Try and make your stall as relaxing as possible. Create some space around your stand, and make sure it doesn’t look too cluttered. Perhaps offer a coffee and a comfy seat to entice people with a quick respite from the hectic atmosphere. 

Complimentary WiFi:

Lack of decent WiFi has been an issue at many trade shows. Therefore, offering free WiFi at your exhibition stand display is a great way to draw attendees in your direction.

Visually attractive:

Bold graphics and an easily navigable layout are more attractive than an overcrowded, meek-looking stand. That doesn’t mean that you have to use every single colour in the rainbow. Striking yet simple is the best method to design an exhibition stand, making sure that your colour schemes and branding are consistent throughout. Signage, posters, banners and leaflets are all vital promotional tools to adorn your display with. Ensure that your team members also look the part and are wearing branded clothing that reflects your business appropriately; such quality promotional clothing can be provided by companies such as Midway Clothing, who can print or embroider a huge range of promotional clothing, badges and clipboards for brand awareness purposes.

Engaging activities and games:

Don’t let people just wander away from your stand without getting involved. People are more likely to remember your company if they had a memorable experience engaging with your stand. Activities and games can help passersby connect with your exhibition stand. Competitions are another technique to promote interaction with people; it may also help if the prize is related to your business or its products in order to promote them further. Whatever you choose to do to engage your audience, try and get attendees liking your Facebook or tweeting about your product as part of the activity.

Be true to your brand:

Don’t change the personality of your company for a trade show in the hope it will attract more attendees. These exhibitions are an invaluable opportunity to convey your company and brand as authentically as you can. You should try and find the balance between a captivating layout and loyalty to the personality of your business. Your brand strength can be enhanced with personalised banners, clothing and giveaway items; all of these can be provided by specialist promotional companies such as Midway Clothing.


Product launch:

If you’re considering launching a new product or service, try and time it with your attendance at an exhibition. Having news to share with people, or a new product for people to try out, will make for a more enticing stand and will provide you with an invaluable opportunity to market your new product or service.

Make sure your company stands out at a corporate trade show. Here at Midway Clothing, we can provide a vast range of promotional merchandise and clothing, designed with your company in mind. We can also produce logo-branded badges, clipboards, and business cards to make sure you look the part. Our team are based in Nottingham but can cater for customers nationwide. Contact us today and we’d be happy to help.