Attract Millennials to Your Business with the Right Promotional Items

Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) as a generation account for a large section of the population. This means that the purchases of millennials make a large impact on the economy, and as a retailer, you should be cashing in on their business! Promotional tools are a fantastic way to reach this prime market, but knowing your audience is the key to success in this venture.

To help you attract millennials to your business, the team here at Midway Clothing and Promotions have put together this guide on the personalities of millennials so you can market your company in the best way.

The millennial persona

One of the key traits of millennials is the increased awareness of the world around them. Millennials grew up with access to the internet at almost every stage of their life, which meant that they could research any topic that they wished to. This has led to a culture where they always want the best products and businesses.

Another trait of millennials is the focus on the environment, and more importantly, the effects humanity has had on the environment. Millennials grew up with an awareness of global warming, which has made them want to reduce their own global footprint.

Access to the internet and a leaning on media for information has created a generation that wants to enrich themselves firstly and foremost, whether that’s through exercise, healthy lifestyles or travel. Millennials are non-traditional, and family life and 9-5 jobs will not be enough to satiate their appetite for life.

Finally, millennials have grown up in a culture of instant gratification, which makes them a prime audience for promotional items.

Now you know the millennial mindset, you can go about adapting your use of promotional items to suit their tastes! We’ve got a few ideas here to help you get in the right mindset.

Go environmentally friendly

To appease the environmentally conscious side of millennials, opt for a recycled bag or promotional t-shirt. These items work on many levels – they’ll consist of recycled material, are re-usable, and can be recycled when they are no longer needed!

Re-useable tote bags or cotton bags will be very popular as a promotional item as the 5p carrier bag charge means more and more people are opting to take their own reusable bags to carry their shopping, so your promotional bag will see frequent use.

Get technological

Millennials are always connected to technology in some form or another, so make the most of this by plugging your business every time they plug in! Earphones are a very popular choice, and usb memory sticks are also very useful for students to backup their work.

Healthy living

Whether it’s a sports bottle, a bag or sports wear, focusing your promotional item on a healthy lifestyle path will certainly attract the attention of millennials trying to make the best of themselves.

Things to avoid

There are some popular promotional tools that you should avoid if you’re aiming your attentions at the millennial generation, including letter openers, keyrings, stationery and lanyards, all of which are a bit outdated for this hip, young audience.

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