Have you cottoned on to organic T-shirts?


Organic cotton clothing has a whole host of benefits both to those wearing it and the production process as a whole in comparison with non-organic practices. Here, we tell you a little more about what makes organic t-shirts such an impressive and environmentally-forward choice for companies who are producing promotional printed T-shirts.

Environmentally conscious

With brands aiming to become ever more environmentally conscious as time goes on and eco-friendly production becomes the norm, printing on organic cotton T-shirts is a prime example of companies being able to do this. Unlike conventional cotton products, which account for almost 25% of insecticides and 10% of pesticides used around the world, the production methods of organic cotton does not lead to such high levels of environmental pollution. Instead, it is grown by organic means minus chemical fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides, thus reducing the pollution caused by the use of pesticides and the like in conventional cotton farming methods.

Beneficial for allergy sufferers

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton t-shirts are an extremely high quality, which has a whole host of benefits to those wearing them. Whether it be to benefit the tender skin of a baby, or for anyone with an allergy, organic cotton is widely known to be much softer and more gentle in these instances. Further to this, organic cotton is less likely to cause respiratory issues, reducing problems of dust creation and even smelling more pleasant.

Better for the health of farmers

For those involved in the production of cotton, such as the farmers, it is important to note also that organic cotton production is far better for health purposes. Such as in the instance of conventional coffee production, conventional cotton production can lead to problems of poisoning from chemical pesticides and insecticides which can create a wealth of health issues for the farmers of the cotton. By contrast, organic cotton production enables the farmers and their families to lead a healthy life.

Cheaper for farmers

Studies have shown that the production of organic cotton is, in fact, cheaper than the production of conventional cotton. The studies, carried out by the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture in India have attributed this fact to conventional ‘Bt Cotton’ being prone to pest attacks which are costly for the farmers to resolve, decreasing their supplies and subsequently hitting their finances detrimentally.

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