How Can Promotional Products Increase Your Company Sales?

If you are keen to raise awareness for your brand, there are various routes you can go down. One extremely popular way of increasing brand awareness for your company, however, is with the production of promotional materials and products that are branded for your business. Here are five ideas for promotional products you could invest in for your company, along with how they can help increase your company sales:


By producing branded clothing with your company’s name or logo on, you are providing customers – for free – with something they will be able to put into everyday use. Good clothing items that will get used due to their practicality include raincoats, hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts, all of which can be worn in a versatile range of settings. By wearing your branded clothing on a daily basis, not only are they constantly reminded of the brand, but anyone they come into contact with will also be exposed to the brand.


Attached to house keys or car keys, branded keyrings will serve as a constant reminder to customers of your brand’s existence. With a great design or a handy extra feature such as a built-in torchlight or a bottle opener, your brand will provide customers with a useful piece of equipment, whilst all the while reminding them of your being.

USB Drives

USB drives are an extremely useful addition to many people’s lives. With your company’s branding printed on the memory stick, customers can be reminded when using it of your company’s services, which may well spark business simply through reminding them of your company’s existence. USB drives can be costly to buy, unless opting for cheap versions which often do not perform well, so ensure that the quality of the memory stick you use for your branding project is high quality so that your customers associate you and your company with a high quality service in all that you do.

Branded pens, pencils or post-its are all great ideas for increasing your company’s exposure, and subsequently creating more sales. As objects that always have a purpose, something like a pen will always be appreciated – by just about anyone! By branding a range of quality writing equipment and other forms of stationery, your brand will be viewed by those using the objects on a daily basis, whether this be existing customers or someone who’s simply picked one up at a fair. Because of this, your company will be a go-to for anyone looking for your services who has had one of your pens, pencils or other pieces of stationery in their home or workplace.

Business cards

Business cards have the exact purpose of allowing customers to have a record of your company’s name and information without having a cumbersome piece of equipment or leaflet that will be thrown away. Business cards are flat, fitting easily into a wallet, and with the right, high quality design can be incredibly effective at endearing potential customers to choose your company to provide them with what they need.

Here at Midway Clothing and Promotions, we are proud provide a wide range of high quality promotional items to company’s looking to provide branded items to potential customers. For more information on our range, or for any other enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.