How to create an effective promotional goodie bag



Promotional goodie bags can prove invaluable to the success of companies’ marketing campaigns. With the right contents, presentation and overall theme, the right goodie bag will help your company have serious staying power in the minds of your target consumers. There are, however, certain things to take note of in order to ensure the success of a goodie bag which we detail here in a guide of top tips:

Pick a theme

By picking a theme for your goodie bag, it shows customers that you have given the contents forethought and have a focused, systematic approach to both your business and your customers needs alike. Choose your goodie bag’s contents by theme, perhaps providing a sports bottle, sweatband and locker tokens for a sports company, rather than including an umbrella and some sweets alongside these choices which would diminish the professional, well-thought out image that your promotional goodie bag could otherwise present.

Consider your location


When deciding where to give your goodie bag out, it makes sense to choose an appropriate location. Whether that be a trade show, a charity event or simply in your company’s foyer, it may well be the case that different events and locations will see your goodie bags achieving different levels of success. When deciding upon your location, consider the demographic of the people you are targeting and which type of event they would attend, and even the usefulness of your bag’s contents in different locations. Tailor your bag to suit each event rather than simply using a standard one for all events you may attend with your company.

Useful or novelty?

Useful items, in comparison to novelty items, are likely to be used on a day-to-day basis, meaning that your company’s name, logo or motto will be exposed to customers and stick in their brains thanks to this frequent exposure. Novelty items, though giving that initial wow factor, may not have the same effect and thus may be less effective in achieving successful promotion of your company that can be converted to higher custom and sales.

Choose quality

Your promotional goodie bag is a reflection of your company, so if you hand out bags whose contents are tacky, cheap and bad quality, customers will be given the impression that this is a reflection of your company too. Do not overload goodie bags with unnecessary, cheap-and-cheerful junk just so they are full; quality over quantity is key.

Provide a reason to visit your site

Rather than simply providing your name to potential customers through the presentation of your goodie bags, why not give people a reason to visit your company’s website and find out more about you. Something as simple as including a printed business card with the benefits of your product or service could give you the edge over other rival companies, encouraging potential customers to pick you. On top of this, you could even include vouchers or discount codes, or even competitions to engage the potential customers and make a name for yourselves as a company.

Make the bag itself an item

When designing an effective promotional goodie bag, you could even consider having the bag itself be a useful item. With a multitude of styles to choose from for your bag, such a s a document wallet, sports bag, grocery bag or canvas tote, you can ensure that every element of your promotional giveaway is useful, right down to the bag itself.

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