How to Dress for a Conference

An appropriate conference outfit should take into account the industry you work for and the formality of the conference. These events are the ideal chance to network with others in your profession and to share knowledge. Often there are representatives from other companies attending, and how you dress not only speaks for yourself but also the company you belong to.

Consider the type of conference

How to dress for a conference will be dependent on the subject of the conference, and the formality of the industry you work in. These factors will influence your outfit choices, so it’s worth doing research beforehand with the organisers.


Nothing says ‘unprofessional’ more than a baggy, shapeless outfit. Male or female, make sure you have some structure to what you’re wearing. The smart appearance that tailoring offers can really add to your presentability and credibility. Here at Midway Clothing, we provide a wide range of affordable formal workwear to help you look the part.


A shirt can be worn below a suit jacket, or as a stand alone item. Make sure your shirt is blemish-free, well-ironed, and long-sleeved. Try and avoid any showy colours that could detract from your professionalism.  


In the professional world, there is usually less expectation for a woman to wear a suit. Often, females can achieve the right level of smart presentation with a pencil skirt, or trousers, coupled with a stylish blouse. If suitable, you may wish to add another dimension to your blouse or shirt by customising it with your company name and logo. Midway Clothing offer skilled branding services for a wide range of clothing items.


Black, brown, navy and grey are generally accepted as ‘corporate colours’. Flashy or garish hues are not encouraged, as they may come across as tacky. Ladies can generally play with wider colour and pattern palette than men, providing it stays within the realms of subtly and professionalism.


The most off-putting trait is somebody who looks uncomfortable in their attire. A smart appearance can often be achieved without a tie or neck scarf, and these items should only be worn if the wearer feels confident and comfortable. Jewellery should be small, subtle and simple and not too distracting or flashy.

Belts and bags

It’s sometimes easy to overlook smaller details, but it would be a shame if a shabby-looking belt or bag let down the rest of your outfit. If your belt or bag is not up to scratch, make sure to invest in new ones before the event.


Take a few minutes to give your shoes a quick polish before the big day, covering up any scuffs or marks. Brown or black shoes are suitable for men, whilst women can pull off a coloured shoe to match with a blouse or other accessories. Ladies should also consider the height of their heel, if wearing one. Conferences involve a lot of standing around and walking, so smaller heels will offer more comfort.


Socks are a detail that is sometimes overlooked. The general rule is to ensure your socks match the trousers you’re wearing; white or brightly coloured socks have the potential to seem out of place and could damage the quality of the finished look.

Smart casual

Depending on the type of event, it may be appropriate to travel down the smart, casual route. Dark jeans or khaki trousers are always a great casual replacement for work trousers, and can be teamed with a fashionable jumper or top. Women could also take a break from the pencil skirt and experiment with patterned, colourful or flared skirts and dresses, ensuring they are kept at an appropriate length.

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