How To Make Your Brand Stand Out

For any company, memorable branding is an incredibly important part of successful business. There are various ways in which you can make your brand stand out, such as the use of promotional items, catchy slogans or appropriate, effective PR work. We’ve compiled a list of tips which, if followed, could see your brand go from strength to strength.

Identify what makes your brand special

Firstly, make sure you identify what sets your brand apart from other, similar companies. Ask yourself: what can you offer that your competition cannot? Once you have established this, use it to your advantage and let everybody know about it.

Work out who your customers are

It is crucial that you, as a brand, know who your customers are and what they do and don’t like. To aid future sales and growth for your company, developing a loyal following of customers is priceless; so get to know them and what makes them tick.

Create a logo that does your company justice

There is little point of a brand offering a unique, innovative product or service without being able to effectively attract customers. Your company and brand’s logo is something incredibly important, as it is the first impression customers will get of the brand. From the effectiveness and likeability of the logo, they will then go on to decide whether or not to pursue business with your company. With such an important first impression and impact to be made by something as simple as a logo, it is crucial that you create something worthy and representative of your brand. Here are some tips for making an effective logo:

  1. Keep it simple, with few colours, patterns and images but a strong and appropriate message.

  2. Keep the logo consistent with and relevant to your brand, otherwise it could be misleading or futile.

  3. Make your logo memorable and innovative, whenever possible, so that it will stay in the minds of customers and they will remember the brand at a later date.

  4. Be sure to carry out market research about your logo; afterall, it is the general public who you rely on to purchase from your brand, so why not find out what makes them tick?

Produce effective promotional materials

Promotional materials are the palpable, enduring way of reminding people about your company on a daily basis. There are various ‘goodies’ to have your company’s logo printed on, so you can pinpoint your target market and appeal to them with gifts that they would appreciate.

Some ideas include:


  • stationery

  • mugs

  • t-shirts or other clothing

  • stickers or badges

  • bags

  • consumables such as sweets or bottled water

Get involved in PR

Done right, PR can attract the right type of media attention and subsequent swathes of new custom. Here are some ideas for PR that could benefit your brand:

  • Get involved with a local charity, and help do your bit at the same time as creating a great, positive name for your company as they are affiliated with giving and charitable causes.

  • Involve yourself with good social media practice, spreading your company’s roots on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as possibly setting up a blog about your company’s work. This way, you can create a positive community impact by involving local communities in your company’s work.

  • Contact your local TV and radio stations for further exposure, perhaps featuring in a prime time programme or creating an advert to increase exposure and awareness about your brand.

  • Get to know other businesses, perhaps making links with them for future joint projects. If your company’s services or products come from the same industry and could complement each other and work well together, do not miss the opportunity to put partnerships into practice.

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