How Your Brand Awareness Can Benefit from the New Year Fitness Bug


Every January sees a spike in the number of gym-goers and sports enthusiasts as people across the globe vow that this is the year they’re going to get into shape. If you’re looking to increase the brand awareness of your company, you can aim your use of promotional items to this current pique in interest and ensure that your brand is in mind whenever the user’s flexing those new found muscles!

How to cash in on the trend

Fitness is a universal interest, so no matter what your company’s main demographic may be, you’ll still find that a publicity competition resulting in the giveaway of a promotional gym item will pull a good cross selection of your clientele, as well as attract potential new clients interested in the prize. Social media is a great tool for advertising a promotional giveaway competition, and encouraging customers to share the post as a prerequisite to entering the competition is an easy way to ensure that the giveaway reaches a wider audience.

If your company is more directly related to sports and fitness, you can also increase your brand awareness by offering free gifts with every purchase. The beneficial increased publicity from the giveaway of free promotional items will quickly make the investment worthwhile, and you’ll soon see a spike in sales or enquiries from those who have spotted your promotional item and logo.

Possible promotional items

Now you’re aware of the possible gains to be made by tapping into the growing fitness trend, you may be wondering what promotional items will be suitable. The team here at Midway Clothing and Promotions have put together our top five suggestions for competition giveaways and free gifts that any fitness fanatic would love to receive:

  1. Sports bags – a necessity for any gym-goer to fit the change of clothes, towel and toiletries that are needed for gym visits, sports bags will see frequent use and are a great promotional product that is useful for the receiver
  2. Workout wear – proper workout apparel can be an expensive purchase, especially for those just starting out in exercising who don’t want to make a big cost investment, so receiving these items for free will be greatly appreciated and often used
  3. Towels – a lightweight sports towel branded with your company logo will allow the gym-goer to always have one at hand rather than digging into their home supplies
  4. Water bottles – hydration is essential when exercising, and a water bottle is a relatively cheap and easily personalized item that can really allow you to depict your company’s logo and personality
  5. Locker coin keyrings – remembering to keep a pound coin handy for the gym lockers is a more difficult feat than it sounds! By giving away locker coin keyrings, you’ll save your customer the hassle and ensure that your promotional item is always greatly appreciated. This item will see plenty of use outside of the gym as well, also being able to be used in trolleys when doing the weekly shop!

Midway Clothing and Promotions specialise in high-quality personalised workwear and promotional items. From promotional bags and mugs to gym and sports wear, high-visibility clothing to fleeces, we’re sure to have the perfect item for your brand. For more information on any of our products and services, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.