News: Midway Clothing & Promotions Launch Their New Website

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, last month the team at Midway Clothing & Promotions launched our brand new website. After a decade of providing our customers with the highest quality branded merchandise, we felt our website should be updated to reflect the successful growth of our company.

Over the years, Midway’s services and capacity as a company have evolved to new levels. Starting as a small, family-run company, we now offer a wide range of services and personalised products for customers in a variety of sectors, including commercial, marketing, sports, health and education. As specialists in corporate and promotional merchandise, we have remained committed to the quality of our products and the care of our customers.  

The old website simply wasn’t doing our progress any justice, so Midway Clothing decided to redesign a brand new website with customer satisfaction in mind.

Midway Clothing & Promotions

The aims of this new website are to:

  • Provide more detail about our extensive range of products
  • Give our website a more attractive, updated look
  • Improve navigation and layout to make browsing easier
  • Boost ease of use and clarity of information

Midway Clothing & Promotions wanted a better website platform to display our products, all of which can be branded with your company logo to add a personal touch. By describing our products in a more detailed, focussed way, we’re hoping this arms customers with the knowledge they need to make an informed choice.

We also hope you enjoy the ‘Our Process’ timeline at the bottom of our product pages, which clearly shows how our experts transform innovative design ideas into personalised clothing and promotional products.

Our huge range of products include:

blue fleece

We hope you enjoy using our new website!

If you’re searching for clothing, promotional products or workwear branded with your company logo and colours, look no further than Midway Clothing & Promotions. We’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary, and we hope to continue to grow as a business by constantly improving our range, services and level of customer care. We are based in Nottingham, but can deliver personalised merchandise to clients nationwide. For more information about us, browse our new site, or get in touch with our friendly team.