Sports team sponsorship as an effective business promotion technique


From banks to local mechanics, from phone networks to your favourite takeaway, more and more companies are becoming aware of the huge gains to be made from sponsoring sports teams and are reaping the benefits.

How can your company cash in on sports team sponsorship?

Sponsoring a local team can be a great way to expand your potential client base, especially if you’re a localised business or just finding your feet in the market. Exposing your company to the local area can only increase your brand awareness, and is a great way to get regular exposure to potential clientele. Having your company logo printed on football shirts, team hoodies, shorts, or bags helps keep your company in the forefront of potential customers’ minds. This can make your company seem more stable and permanent, and therefore, can firmly establish your position within the community.

If you’re already an established company, sports sponsorship can be a tool to improve your brand image. By sponsoring a local team, you’re investing your profits back into the local economy. This is a positive image to be attached to your company and provides the customer with a reason to choose your company over a larger, national competitor.

Making the most of your team sponsorship investment

Remember you are sponsoring a team, not donating. You can negotiate terms. Be clear with what you expect from your money – the team needs your support as much as you need brand exposure. Most sports teams are aware that they need to work hard to gain your sponsorship and will volunteer to flyer for free or personally promote your business to friends, family and colleagues. At the same time, you must play fair. As well as financially supporting a team, be an actual supporter. The team will appreciate your support much more and want to return the favour and use your company in reciprocation. Build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Which team should you sponsor?

Don’t just support the first team to come to your door. Listen to their pitches, get to know the players and, most importantly, choose a team that is relevant to your brand. If you’re a restaurant, bar, nightclub, or pub, don’t sponsor the under-10s 5-a-side team, as you’ll be pitching to the wrong demographic. Instead, try approaching the local university rugby team. Make sure you’re choosing the right kind of exposure for your company.

How much should you sponsor?

When it comes to putting your money where your mouth is, remember to think relatively. How much exposure is your company going to get? How long will it take for your investment to be returned in profits? Whilst it is important to remember that sponsorship is a long-term investment, you don’t want to be waiting years to see the benefit. Don’t throw thousands of pounds at a club that only draws crowds of tens.

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