Top 10 Promotional Items


More and more businesses are relying on the giveaway of promotional items to increase their publicity. The market for promotional products is growing exponentially, with the UK now spending almost £1 billion on promotional products in a year. Some promotional items work better than others, and here at Midway Clothing & Promotions, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 promotional items so you know the most effective tool to use for your business.


Pens are always a firm favourite amongst companies as a promotional product because they are practical, universal and very low-cost to produce. They can be given away for free without the company taking any real loss, and they’re likely to be used repeatedly, thus gaining large amounts of exposure.


Printed tote or cotton bags are always a big hit, and although a slightly more costly investment than pens, a bag is always a welcome gift to receive and likely to win favour with potential customers and clients. With the recent 5p bag charge across all retailers being introduced nationwide, consumers are always looking for handy reusable bags to carry their purchases, making now more than ever the perfect time to hand out promotional bags.


Tea and coffee breaks are a frequent and essential part of the British office worker’s life, meaning that a promotional mug is one that’s going to be exposed amongst offices several times a day. Whether on the owner’s desk, in a meeting or even waiting to be washed, your brand will gain mass exposure.


There’s nothing worse than being unexpectedly caught in the rain, so imagine the gratitude your potential client will have to realise they have exactly what they need to stay dry right at hand. In a downpour, no one will refuse a free umbrella. This is an especially handy promotional item to give out or sell at an outdoor event, when a downpour will mean mass advertising for your company.

Key rings

The key to ensuring a popular promotional key ring is to also make it useful – how about a shopping trolley token or bottle opener key ring? These are the kinds of items that consumers will love to keep close by.

Memory sticks

Research conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association showed that USBs are the most prized promotional item to be received. Whilst on the pricier end of the scale, USB memory sticks are immensely practical and will be used time and time again.

Stress balls

Happily received by consumers of all ages, stress balls are easily recognised novelty items that consumers love to play with. You’ll often find that these novelty gifts invoke envy from other consumers as it’s hard to resist the temptation to play with them, and thus they induce more consumers to seek out your company.


A handy everyday item that is suitable for anyone, from doodling young children to office CEOs making notes. Cheap, environmentally friendly and customisable, these are really a great promotional tool.


Handing out sweet treats is a surefire way to gain favour amongst consumers; we all appreciate a treat every now and again – especially when it’s free!

Other stationery

Other office items, including post-it notes, erasers, folders and staplers, are all handy tools to give out to anyone in an office environment as the average worker spends vast periods of time at their place of employment, meaning that your promotional product is visible to them for hours every day.

Increasing your brand exposure is a sure fire way to increase the business you receive. Make the most of the ideas listed here to gain maximum exposure for your company and help your business to flourish.

Midway Clothing & Promotions

Midway Clothing & Promotions have a huge range of promotional items that can be personalised with your company’s name and logo. Our range includes, bags, pens, mugs and umbrellas, all designed to gain exposure for your company. Available in many colours, designs and styles, we’re guaranteed to have the right product for your brand. For more information, get in touch.