Why branded mugs are the ideal promotional tool for your business



Promotional merchandise is a great way to market your company to potential employees or customers. Pens, sticky notes and shopping bags have always been a popular choice for low-cost branded merchandise, but recent years have seen an increase in the use of promotional mugs. Here’s a run-down of why you should consider branded mugs when promoting your business.

Cheap and cheerful

Mugs have a very low production cost and can be personalised to fully represent your brand. You have the power to make your mug stand out, thus making your brand stand out. Because they’re so cheap to manufacture, promotional mugs are a great way for small or starting out companies to get their name known. They can even be given away for free at no great loss to the company.

Tried and tested

Mugs are a very low risk investment as they’ve been tried and tested over the years. Everyone appreciates receiving a mug because it’s a useful item, and one that’s going to be used frequently enough for your brand to be remembered.

Brand reinforcement

If you work in a business to business company, then a promotional mug can reinforce the idea that your company is assisting theirs. When that business has clients in the office, they’ll see your brand and your association with the company that they’ve selected to work with. This will be a good endorsement for your company. If you are a business that works with clients, offering them a beverage in your own branded mug can help make your brand feel more present and thought out, your brand will be reinforced in the client’s mind.

You’re in control

Unlike generic marketing techniques which aim to reach a mass audience, you are in charge of where your promotional mugs go. You can specifically choose potential clients or companies that will be interested in your business and services, meaning that your company will be promoted to the right people every time.

If you’re looking to increase your brand exposure through promotional mugs, Midway Clothing & Promotions can help. With many different colour and design options available on ceramic, bone china, earthenware and travel mugs, we have something to suit every business. Get in touch today to find out more.