7 Top Tips to Start Your Own Sports Team

A sports team is a brilliant way to get fit, have fun, learn new skills, and to socialise with people in your local area. And if you have a desire to rekindle your inner champion, it’s never too late to pursue your sporting side. However, your options are not just limited to joining an existing group; why not take it to the next level and start your own? Here are our 7 top tips to start your very own sports team.

How Do I Start A Sports Team?

Select a sport

The golden rule is to choose a sport that grabs your interest. If you lack passion in your chosen activity then how can you expect your team to have any motivation? Choose something that balances your personal interest, the cost of entering into the sport, and the popularity of the sport (after all, you don’t want to be the only one turning up to try-outs).

Always play at your level

Good sports team management hinges on your ability to know your team members inside out, and to judge their ability. Be realistic when deciding on the league, or the level of play of your team. Don’t forget; if your team begins to perform well, starting at the bottom will give them the freedom to move upwards into higher divisions, which could also act as a good motivator. And if you’re really ambitious, try launching your own league.

Find a venue

If you want your team to be taken seriously, playing in somebody’s back garden simply won’t be good enough. Instead, your search should lead you to your local park or sports hall. Contact representatives from these facilities who will be able to tell you more about the steps you’ll need to take to secure this venue for your team.

Create a unique name

Whilst some sports team names take the literal approach, e.g. Liverpool FC, other names have links to the natural, cultural or regional characteristics of the team’s local area, e.g. Nottingham Forest. You could also take a more whimsical approach, for example an animal name e.g. Blackpool Seagulls. Whatever your ideas, make sure you team name has a personal touch.

Design a team logo

Let your imagination run riot and create a memorable logo for your team. This step needs careful thought as the logo will represent you in public, and also adorn shirts, hats, jackets, and more. Hire out the services of a professional company to not only provide the clothing, but also to professionally print or embroider your logo onto the team kits and equipment. Midway Clothing have over 10 years’ experience providing high quality emblazoned sports uniforms and equipment, and are happy to hear your ideas.

Hold try-outs

A team’s success hinges on the skill of its players, so a crucial step is to hold try-outs to assess the local talent. You may wish to stir up interest by asking friends and co-workers, or by posting ads in local community centres. This is also ample opportunity to start thinking about your intended chain of command e.g. manager, coach, captain etc. Once you’ve chosen your team members, remember to collect the joining fees from your squad to finance the project.

Order your uniforms

To put a team in the right frame of mind, it’s important they feel like a united front with a clear identity. Not only will this promote comradery, but team uniforms are a vital part of being taken seriously as a sports club. When purchasing the uniform consider the seasons and weather you will be playing in, as this will affect how many layers and uniform options you should provide to the team. Use the services of clothing specialists, such as Midway Clothing, to supply and emblazon sports shirts, uniforms and equipment with your personal logo.rugby shirt

Midway Clothing have a decade of experience at providing sportswear, promotional products, and durable workwear. If you’re starting a team from scratch, and want to achieve a look that is true to your players, look no further than our friendly experts. We provide sports team shirts, hoodies, fleeces, and headwear, all of which can be decked out with your team logo using our embroidering or printing services. To find out what we can do for your sports team, give us a call to chat about your ideas.